• Safe, 100% Natural Insect Sprays

    Safe, 100% Natural Insect Sprays

Natural Insect Repellent

Welcome to American Cedar Products, the seller of the best all natural insect repellent solution available on the market today. Our special formulas use the power of cedar oil to keep insects away from yourself, your family, your pets, and anything else without DEET or other harmful chemicals. Similar formulas have been used for years in the roughest parts of the country, and now we're bringing new improvements to you.

We have formulas for your every need. To protect your skin or keep bugs out of your home, there's ACP People and Places. To keep bugs out of your yard, use ACP Outdoors. If your pet is itching from fleas or you want to keep the ticks away, bathe them in ACP Pet Shampoo.

We can help you find the right products to solve your problem: